Witer for Us

Do you have passion for pets?

We’re looking for guest bloggers to contribute to our guide sections (sorry, we don’t accept guest product reviews) which cover a wide range of pet related topics. These can include:

  • Guides on how to care for animals.
  • What kind of pet toys are suitable for different breeds.
  • Insights into different pet behaviors.
  • Guides on how to train your pets.
  • Any other interesting topics you think would be useful for pet owners.

Submission guidelines for guest posts

Email us at sarah.meowthing@gmail.com with your pitch. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Some general guidelines;

  • The article should be original content – it can’t be published elsewhere.
  • At least 700 words in length, but for more complex topics as much detail as necessary.
  • We won’t publish articles where the topic has already been covered on the site.
  • ​We only accept English language articles.

On the subject of links

  • Linking to other sites is OK, but they should be to reliable resources and relevant to the context of the article.
  • We’ll create an author account for you and you’ll be able to include a URL link to your homepage, social media accounts and a short bio. This will be attached to the bottom of the article.

Looking forward to hearing from you!