How To Know The Breed Of My Cat

How To Know The Breed Of Your Cat? (Part 2)

Most cat owners have a common question which they ask among themselves, and that is, “What breed is my cat?” If you barely have a definite answer to that, your cat is not a pure breed but a cross-breed.


You can simply refer to her as a domestic cat and not a specific breed. But, who would love the embarrassment of not knowing her cat’s breed when being asked? We believe every other cat owner would love to know what to reply if such a question was asked. Here are some descriptions about most popular cat breeds. You will be embarrassed no more.

How can you tell if your cat is a purebred?

We would term pure-bred cats as those with ancestors of the same breed or those whose ancestry includes allowed cross-breeding according to the breed standard. The registry must certify a cat’s pedigree before it is termed as a purebred kitty.

Domestic cats are quite popular and rich in history. They come in varying sizes, depending on their genetic makeup, the degree of care and the diet they are used to. They could be fat, thin, small or large. They come in a variety of colors and color patterns. The most common are black, grey, white and orange. Their color patterns are tuxedo, tabby, tortoiseshell and calico. Those are just but the common color patterns.

Mixed breed kitties may at times really look like the original breed, for instance a mixed breed which is partially a Domestic Shorthair and somewhat an Abyssinian. For a cat to have lost resemblance with the purebred dog, say the Aby breed, it could be in the fourth generation.

List of some of the popular cat breeds

1. Abyssinians

abyssinian cat

Abyssinians can easily entertain themselves. They don’t have to spend time with you to be happy. They are good companions because it is their joy to be involved in your day to day activities. For instance, during dinner time, you will always find your kitty rubbing herself against your legs. They always seek your attention by keeping close to you by sitting on your lap as they purr, perching on your shoulders or crawling under the covers.

They are quite curious and will be running at imaginary butterflies or leaping at the tallest shelves and bookcases. Considering that they can keep themselves busy by not demanding too much human attention, you can go ahead and perform your chores with no reason to worry. Their rate of activeness is at 10 on a scale of 10.

Characteristics And Personality

  • Characteristics
  • Personality

These are some of the characteristics that should guide you in knowing whether your cat is an Abyssinians or not. Please go through them carefully so as not to wrongly determine the breed of your cat.

  • Have fur that carries a variety of colors. This makes her to have a depth and richness that is not found in other cats.
  • Abyssinians, they have a weight of approximately 8-12 lbs, for both males and females
  • Their eye color is mainly greenish or gold
  • Requires high social attention and needs
  • Does not require frequent grooming
  • The coat of Abyssinian cats is smooth and silky
  • The most common colors for Abyssinian coats are red, blue, awn, ruddy and cinnamon
  • The coat pattern can be described as ticking
  • There is a little tendency of the Abyssinian cat to shed fur
  • Has a long body and muscles which are very well developed
  • Quite playful and active

Living With an Abyssinian Kitty

  • Due to their active and playful nature, the Abyssinian cat would do quite well with cat trees and high perches to give them a place to play, jump and climb.
  • Considering that the Abyssinian cat loves company due to her social nature, you can bring home another pet to be her companion when the owner or other companions are not around.

2. Sphynx

Sphynx cat

With their hairless nature, the sphynx cat attracts attention wherever it goes. It is one of the unique felines because it lacks a coat. This cat breed came into existence as a result of selecting breeding that was done in the early 1960s. These cats loose more heat than cats with coats and are therefore warm when touched. They have fine hairs and may have whiskers or not.

Characteristics And Personality

  • Characteristics
  • Personality

The following are some of the distinguishing characteristics of the sphynx that should be used to differentiate it from other breeds of cats.

  • Intelligent
  • Inquisitive
  • Extremely friendly
  • Highly active
  • Alert
  • Quite agile
  • Does not like being carried or petted vigorously
  • Quite curious which makes it prone to landing into dangerous situations
  • They love playing on people’s laps; thus they earned the title the velcro lap cat'.
  • Fond of other dogs and cats

Living with a Sphynx Cat

  • Due to their hairless nature, the Sphynx cat is extremely vulnerable to temperature and climatic changes, especially intense heat and cold. Their means to conserve their body heat are limited and so they should always be tended to when it is cold or when the temperatures are extremely high to prevent them from getting sunburns.
  • If the skin of the Sphynx is not well taken care of, they are likely to develop detritus which ought to be scraped and sponged away.
  • They are also vulnerable to suffering from lumps and skin allergies.

3. American Shorthair

American Short Hair

The American short hair cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the US. It should be closely monitored and managed to prevent obesity. It is believed that this cat breed originated from Europe and was brought to the US by the early settlers who used it to keep away mice and rats from destroying their cargo.

Characteristics And Personality

  • Characteristics
  • Personality
  • A great companion
  • Quite placid and easy going
  • Loving hence gets attached to the family members
  • Playful

Living with an American Shorthair Cat

  • Carefully control its diet to ensure that its weight is retained and that it does not get obese
  • Ensure that it gets adequate exercise to maintain its good shape by interactive playing
  • Brush his coat daily to keep it from getting knots.
  • This is important when its coat is thinning or thickening

4. Birman

Birman Cat

These fluffy and cute creatures are quite friendly and use a soft voice to communicate. This cat breed is native to France and has deep blue eyes. It is a color pointed and long-haired cat. It has a silky coat as its main distinguishing feature.

Characteristics And Personality

  • Characteristics
  • Personality
  • Docile
  • Quiet
  • Quite curious and so they like to explore their environment
  • Communicates with a soft voice to the owner especially when he or he wants to pass a certain message
  • Enjoys being cuddled and held and this will make her relax easily in your arms
  • Likes being close to the owner and so he or she will always desire to be involved in the owner's activities

Living with a Birman

Some human beings normally have health conditions that make them different from other normal people. The same situation applies to the birman breed of cats. There are several health conditions that the birman breed of cats can suffer from. It is good if you could know all these conditions as a pet owner.

  • The presence of hair and skin at the cornea, the front of the eye which is clear. This can be a condition in one eye or both and can only be corrected surgically. This condition is known as Corneal dermoid.
  • Birman is also prone to spongiform degeneration, a progressive disease which affects the central nervous system. Its symptoms are uncoordinated movement and weak hind limbs.
  • They may suffer from a high concentration of urea or/and creatinine in the blood system. This condition does not show kidney dysfunction.
  • Some Birman kittens often shake and tremble at the age of 10 days and the condition gets persistent till they are about 12 weeks old. This condition has no known cause but the kittens are likely to recover spontaneously.
  • Congenital hypotrichosis, which is a condition that causes Birman kittens to have no fur during birth.
  • Thymic aplasia, a condition that increases the possibility of Birman cats getting infected. It is a fatal condition.

The last two conditions are rare, but they normally arise in some situations.

5. Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are fast learners and this makes it easy to train them. They have blue eyes and are muscular with a lot of fur. It originates from California and was developed in the 1960w by Ann Baker who was an American cat breeder.

Characteristics And Personality

  • Characteristics
  • Personality
  • Friendly and affectionate with family members
  • Their health is generally goodQuite playful
  • Friendly to children
  • Friendly to other pets
  • Very intelligent
  • Have a life span ranging from 12 to 17 years
  • Requires constant grooming to keep her fur from forming knots
  • Bright blue eyes
  • Rabbit-like fur

Living with a Ragdoll

  • Brush her coat daily to prevent it from forming knots
  • Dedicate some play time with her each day to keep her in good shape
  • You should control her nutrition to keep her from getting obese.

In fact, there are more than 70 cat breeds which are recognized (by International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance) in 2016. If you still have no idea for the question "what breed is my cat", please watch this short 11-minute video.


We hope you can now clearly define your cat’s breed from the features of the different breeds that we have indicated. It is important that you know more about your cat so that you can fully understand it. The information that we have given out on the various cat breeds shall surely help you in understanding your cat better. Leave a comment on the article and tell us if we have left out an important issue. Feel free to ask a question where you need clarification.

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