How To Fatten Up A Cat

How To Fatten Up A Cat (Helpful Tips)

Is your cat too skinny? Is she supermodel thin? Cats can sometimes be picky eaters. Your cat can just decide that the food isn’t enticing or doesn’t smell good to qualify her not to eat.


Do you have a thin cat and you feel that there is need to make her a little plumper and turn her into an adorable fluffy kitty? Do you want to change your cat from being supermodel thin to being plump? Continue reading to find out some simple ways to enable your feline gain weight.

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Thin

The first thing you must understand before trying to make your cat gain weight is why she lost the weight in the first place.There are quite some reasons that could lead to your cat being thin (Click the term to reveal it's definition)

Old age



​​Physical exercises and body size


​Organ failure

​​Gastrointestinal problems


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​Factors Likely To Keep Your Feline From Eating Normally

If your lovely pet cat is not eating normally as it should be, then there must be something wrong somewhere. Do not ignore the lack of your cat’s appetite as just something that does not carry much weight. It could be showing you that there is something wrong with your cat. The following are some of the reasons that can make your lose its appetite.

  • Sickness

Trust me, loss of appetite is a sure sign that something is quite not right. If your cat suddenly stops feeding well, there could be some reasons leading to that such as: kidney failure, infections, cancer, pancreatitis and intestinal problems.

  • Psychological issues

If your kitty is not suffering from any illness, the reason for the loss of appetite could be depression or anxiety. Anxiety is generally caused by situations such as new people in your cat’s habitat or schedule changes. Generally, cats do take quite some time to adjust to changes in diet.

  • Unfamiliar environment and travel

A simple change in routine is likely to affect the cats eating habits leading to loss of appetite. Motion sickness caused by flights or journeys by car which cause nausea.

  • Recent vaccination

Vaccines are known to be lifesavers of animals. Some of them do have side effects such as loss of appetite. The side effects are mild and only last for a short while.

Ways Of Increasing The Chances Of Your Cat Eating

Lack of appetite for your feline is bound to lead to some very seriously adverse consequences. Ensure that you don’t starve your kitty by forcing her to eat a particular kind of food. To increase the chances of your cat eating, consult your veterinarian to assist you to come up with the most appropriate regimen for your fur baby. You may have to:

  • Change your cat’s food consistency
  • Offer your cat canned food especially when she is unwell for enticement
  • Your veterinarian may make a prescription for appetite stimulants for your kitty
  • Syringe feeding may be an option when you intend to feed your cat on a liquid diet
  • Your vet can advise you on having a feeding tube to make sure that your cat has the appropriate nutrition.
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Home Care And Treatment For Underweight Felines

Your veterinarian should carry out a physical examination of your cat’s urine and blood to determine the reason why your cat is experiencing excessive weight loss. After obtaining the test results, your veterinarian can advise you on the best way to treat the cause of weight loss by giving a suggestion on the best feeding regimen to facilitate your kitty’s weight gain.

  • Weight loss due to gastrointestinal tract problems can be sorted out by making appropriate changes in your fur baby’s diet.
  • Diseases of the inflammatory bowel or conditions which cause absorption of food to be difficult can be rectified by feeding your feline on food which can be digested easily.
  • Food allergies can be rectified by omitting the foods which cause them to have allergic symptoms.
  • When your kitty suffers weight loss due to lack of appetite, seek medications which stimulate its appetite. On the extreme case, you can use feeding tubes to feed your cat and maintain its nutritional balance to address the problem of anorexia.
  • Ensure that you rotate the diet of your cat by feeding her on a variety of brands using a similar method. For this to be effective, change the diet four times per year at most or two times at least.
  • If you feed your feline on human food, transition her for several weeks by mixing the human food you feed her on with cat food. Keep up with the trend, and with time your pet will only be eating cat food.
  • There are foods such as canned tuna or liver that are appetite stimulants for most felines, but you should be cautious not to feed your cat on such in large amounts. Large quantities of liver and canned tuna are harmful to your pet since they cause shortages or excessiveness of some vitamins.
  • Always encourage your fur baby to feed on canned food. Mixing cat food with broth, cooked eggs, or fish oil and heating the food may cause your cat to have extremely poor eating habits.
  • Always change the food later in the day to encourage your cat to eat.
  • To encourage your cat to feed on commercial canned cat food, you can let the human food go stale and harden, which will put off your feline who will end up avoiding human food altogether in the long run.

A List Of What You Can Feed Your Cat On To Help It Gain Weight

#1. Kitten Kibble

Kittens are often fed on food that helps them to gain weight very fast. You can feed your cat on kitten kibble which is made exclusively for kittens. Kitten kibble has a high concentration of calories and proteins, and that is why it is appropriate to feed kittens on it for proper growth and development in their first year of existence. Ensure that you get kitten kibble that is affordable and of high quality.

#2. A Variety of Pantry Items

Pantry items such as scrambled eggs with no salt or butter, mackerel and canned sardines which have no salt added to them and small amounts of yogurt are good for your cat. Too much of it can cause your cat to suffer from diarrhea.These pantry items will supplement your cat with quite a protein boost.

#3. Canned Cat Food

Canned food has a smell, texture and flavor that is quite appealing to kitties. Add some kitten kibble, probably a tablespoon of it so that your cat can add weight since the food does get enticing. You only need to ensure that the canned food has its main ingredient as whole proteins and not by-product filters or grain. The extra additives will not enhance the health of your feline but will only make her feel full.

How To Fatten Up A Cat By Changing Its Diet

#1. Switching to a high protein diet

For your feline to gain weight fast enough, you can feed her on high-protein food which will have ingredients such as beef, fish, turkey, bacon or chicken.

  • The cat’s weight increases and improves her health
  • Decreases the risk of your cat suffering from problems of the digestive system
  • Your feline will have a shiny and soft coat.
  • The recommended cat kibble is available at quite a high price since it is made from a meat of high quality, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

#2. Switching to canned cat food for a short period of time

Canned cat food is quite appealing for your kitty. Feeding her on it can cause her appetite for food to increase.

  • Weight gain for your feline
  • Smoothening of your cat’s coat.
  • The probability of your cat getting overweight is quite high.
  • Your kitty can get addicted to wet food and fail to consume hard food.

#3. Offering enticing treats in the course of the day in between meals

These treats should not be termed as a meal for your kitty since they contain too much calories.

  • The weight of your cat will increase after some time since she will be enjoying the treats.
  • Cat’s treats are likely to cause your feline to be overweight, and a proper increase in weight is also not an assurance.

Foods To Avoid

Because we love our felines so much, most of the time we share what we have on our plates with our fur babies. Not everything that we eat is suitable for our cats. List below contains some of the foods that we should not feed out cats on, whether they are skinny or fat.

  • Canned tuna

I had earlier stated that canned cat food is quite appropriate for increasing the weight of cats. However, feeding your cat continuously on canned tuna will certainly cause your cat to be malnourished. Canned tuna can also cause your felines to suffer from diarrhea.

  • Raw eggs

Raw eggs have a protein known as avidin which can affect the process of absorption of vitamin B.

  • Raisins or grapes

These two are likely to cause your cat to suffer from kidney failure. Any food with the least amount of alcohol is not suitable for your feline. A feline which weighs 5 pounds can die due to only 3 teaspoons of whiskey.

  • Onions/chives/garlic

These will affect the red blood cells of your cat by causing them to break down.

  • Cola, tea or coffee

These beverages have caffeine which is harmful to the health of a cat. Caffeine has theobromine whose effect is fatal to cats as well as other animals

  • Yeast dough

When yeast dough ferments, it causes the formation of alcohol which will lead to the death of your cat. Yeast dough which is undigested keeps on rising in the stomach of your feline, and this will cause him or her unbearable pain.

Point for consideration

Once you determine the reason why your cat is thin and the right way to help it add weight, you should monitor the daily food intake of your feline. Once your cat gets to the weight you desire, which can be from very skinny to a manageable and attractive weight or to being quite fat, cease from feeding your cat on the food which purposely makes it add weight. Consult your veterinarian to get him or her to assist you in deciding on the most appropriate balance for your fur baby.


From this article, you can now fatten your cats without breaking a sweat through the various ways discussed above. The tips have been clearly highlighted to show you what you should feed your cat on, what you should not feed her on and how you should feed your fluffy friend. Feel free to make any comments on any important issues that you think should have been addressed and ask for clarification on any detail which is not clear..

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