How do cats mate

Deep Into The World Of Cats: How Do Cats Mate?

We love having cats around us; they are just so friendly and beautiful to have around. Can you imagine a world without cats? To continue having cats in the world, they must mate so that a new generation of cats can replace the old generation of cats when they die.

The kitten making process would make you almost dislike your felines since they are uncontrollable when they are on heat. At this time your friendly cat will no longer stick around you to keep you company.It will always be roaming outside, in search of a partner to aid in easing the urge to copulate.

If you would like to understand the cat mating process, then this is the right place for you. Let us enter the cat’s world together and get to understand our cats in a more detailed manner.


Mating Period For Cats

Mating Period For Cats

Keeping your cat in the house is already a difficult task, but trust me, it gets worse during the mating season. At this time you need to be cautious enough if you do not desire to have a litter of kittens in your house.

This means that you will have a task at hand, a task to keep your kitty in the house. That could be a whole six days of close monitoring, and several weeks, three at most. Some felines get on heat when they are six months old. Cat vocalization becomes quite inevitable, and all you have to do is withstand it for a little more days.

If you barely have time to take care of many cats, you can ensure that your cat is spayed to prevent it from getting pregnant. At this time male cats will always be roaming around your house if your female kitty is on heat since it will always be calling out for male cats.

Cats mostly breed during spring and summer. This turns out to be the best breeding season because the climatic conditions are suitable for the survival of kittens compared to the winter season.

How Do Cats Select Who To Mate With?

Cats are not choosy on who to mate with. Any tom cat that is available at that time will help to quell the heat: a brother, cousin or father.

There is a possibility of your kittens having different fathers. During the mating season, the female cat can have several tomcats.

The Right Age For Cats To Mate

The Right Age For Cats To Mate

If you have a female cat, it will most likely have its first heat period at earliest six months of age or latest at eight months.

In some instances, some cats go on heat at the age of three and a half months, which is too early. You can keep them from mating by preventing their interaction with tomcats.

At this young age, the female cat cannot carry its kittens and the process of giving birth can be quite difficult. Tomcats start to mature quite late into their lifetime. In very few situations, it happens at the age of six months, but in most instances, it occurs at the age of between ten to twelve months.

Understand The Cat Mating Process

The Cat Mating Process 1

When cats are in heat, they call, an act known as caterwauling. It sounds more like the cats are expressing distress or pain. The female cats spray a lot to leave their scent. The male cat stays close to that area after sniffing the scent and waits for the female cat.

When a Tomcat finds the queen cat, it circles it, and the queen cat can choose whether to accept or decline the offer. The queen cat expresses a decline of the offer by flattening out the ears and hissing at the tomcat.

If the female cat is not prepared to mate, the Tomcat will simply lay close to it, with the hope that the queen cat will change its mind in favor of the tomcat.

There are indicators that the female cat is now prepared to mate. They include rubbing its head on the floor and against the Tomcat, calling out to the tomcat and rolling on the ground, on its back.

The Cat Mating Process 2

If the tabby cat shows these symptoms, the tomcat grabs the female cat at the rear of its neck and mounts her. This seems crude, but it’s the cat’s mating ritual. The mating period ends within a very short period of time, say less than one minute, after which the tabby cat turns and attacks the tomcat.

Mating for the first time leads to ovulation. The following mating sessions occur to enhance fertilization. During the period when the cat is on heat, the female cat can mate with several tomcats. This causes the kittens to have different features because their fathers are different.

When the female cat’s heat period comes to an end, it will barely pay attention to the calling of the male cat. There are times when the female cat rejects the male cat due to dislike, or, the male cat can reject the female cat due to shyness.

Indicators Of A Cat That Is On Heat

During the mating season, some signs will be evidently telling you that your friendly furbaby is on heat. Here are some behavioral changes that you are likely to notice.

  • Extreme friendliness
  • Wailing in a different tone, as if in pain or distress
  • Rolling on the ground on its back
  • The desire to roam about outside, more than usual
  • Frequent urinating to spread its scent
  • Raising its rear part of the body with its tail held up high, and at the same time it will pad its feet frequently

After the mating period which lasts two to three weeks is over, your female feline will certainly get pregnant. These are the observations you are likely to make if it is pregnant:

  • Increased appetite
  • The heat process comes to a halt
  • Three or four weeks after conception its nipples will change in color and be pinkish as well as increase in size
  • Noticeable increase in weight
  • Swelling of the abdomen

At this stage, feed your kitty on a high quality balanced diet, ensure that it is dewormed every month and gets flea treatment. These measures will help to prevent any harm from befalling the kittens.

Final Views On How Cats Mate

By now, I am sure that you have an understanding about ‘how cats mate’. At this time your feline friend will barely give you the company you were used to since it will be busy looking for a mate. You need not worry about how crude the mating seems as it is the ritual for the cats.

Get your female kitty spayed if you are not ready to be a responsible owner of many cats. Leave a comment on your thoughts about the cat mating process. If you have any concern on how cats mate, feel free to inquire, and I will be glad to offer assistance.

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