Top Five Most Unique Cat Breeds

Guest post: Top Five Most Unique Cat Breeds

Cats are known to be one of the most popular family pets to have as a part of your family. These aloof, but extremely loving creatures are often the source of our amusement with their funny ways. They know how to get their own way, by wrapping their owners around their tiny furry paws if they want something.


There are many cat breeds that are familiar among UK households, from the beautiful Bengal to the graceful Siamese. Not all cat breeds are well known, especially those that are unique like the Pixie Bob and Japanese Bobtail.

Listed below are the top five most unique cat breeds on the planet.

#1. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

This cat breed doesn't have fur like your typical cat, but more of a type of down, which is very soft and sets them apart from the other cat breeds. Often their down is gorgeous and curly, making them extra adorable.

The Devon Rex has rather large eyes and ears. Their ears are low-set, despite their size, which offers this cat breed a unique look. This particular cat breed is very playful and has a wonderful temperament. They're extremely active and love nothing more than perching on their owner’s shoulders.

They're an intelligent breed of cat and are able to learn new tricks and commands very easily. One of their favourite tricks is to fetch and walk on a lead like a dog.

#2. Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail

This tiny cat breed is born with a very small tail like you would find on a baby rabbit. As a kitten, they also love to hop around just like a bunny!

The Bobtail comes in all different colours. The most popular colour is the "calico".

This cat breed loves to play and is extremely clever! They're an active cat breed and love nothing more than a good run around and dipping their paw in the nearest water pool. They love water so much they often play with their water bowl making lots of mess.

#3. Pixie-Bob

Pixie-Bob cat

The name Pixie-Bob is rather misleading when referring to this cat breed, as they're normally a relatively large breed of cat. The Pixie-Bob is very beautiful and fully domesticated.

The Pixie Bob hardly ever meows and instead communicates with a chirp. They're very loyal and love nothing more than to follow their owners around the house. This breed of cat is very intelligent and loves to play games.

#4. Savannah

Savannah Cat

This cat breed is one of the most fascinating cat breeds on the planet. They are gorgeous to look at covered in spots and stripes. They're normally larger than most other cat breeds and are often compared to dogs because of their loyalty.

The Savannah loves to follow their owner around and would play games all day if they could.

They're highly intelligent and easy to train and walk on leads, unlike other cat breeds.

Savannas like to greet people with a gentle head-butt and sometimes like to pounce as do other cat breeds.

Their ability to leap is outstanding! from sitting position they are able to leap a minimum of three feet into the air without any hesitation.

This breed of cat is also known for being vocal. They love a good chirp, meow and sometimes a hiss to get attention.

#5. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cat

This cute cat breed has a dominant genetic mutation which makes the cartilage in the cat's ears look the way it does. After birth, the ears look normal, but then over a 3-week period, the ears start to drop forward which gives this cat breed its distinctiveness. This is all as a result of the cartilage in the cat’s ears.

The Scottish fold has an amazing nature and loves nothing more than a cuddle off their owner. They get on very well with other domestic pets. They're known to have a strange sleeping position which is called the "Buddha".

About the author: Ashley loves to write about pets of all kinds and is a regular pet advice blogger at  Mypetzilla

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