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What Help Can You Extend To Your Cat Giving Birth For The First Time?

Most people who own a cat are cat owners by accident. Either they have found the cat in their backyard or a friend gave it to them as a gift. They do not have enough knowledge about handling the cat and how to deal with them during pregnancy and giving birth. If this is the first time your cat will give birth, you have to prepare yourself and part of your preparation is to read this post.

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Is The Tongue Of Your Pet Cat Sticking Out?

Is your pet cat sticking tongue out? If you have a penchant for domesticated felines, you might be aware that cats are particularly finicky about grooming themselves. As a matter of fact, they devote nearly a third of their active lifespan sprucing themselves up. If you care to notice, you’ll catch your furry friend brushing and tidying out her coat with her tongue, and more often than not, leaves it hanging or sticking as an oversight.

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How Old Is My Cat? – Cat Rescuer’s Riddle

Do you have any idea how old your pet cat is? Maybe if you were present at the moment your cat was born, you can easily say how old it is. But what if you were not around when your adorable cat was born, would you be able to tell how old it is?

There are various methods on how to tell cat’s age. It is determined by checking their teeth, eyes, fur, and behavior. Although visiting a veterinarian is the easiest way to know how old your cat is, you can do it on your own by simply checking cat’s features mentioned above.

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Deep Into The World Of Cats: How Do Cats Mate?

We love having cats around us; they are just so friendly and beautiful to have around. Can you imagine a world without cats? To continue having cats in the world, they must mate so that a new generation of cats can replace the old generation of cats when they die.

The kitten making process would make you almost dislike your felines since they are uncontrollable when they are on heat. At this time your friendly cat will no longer stick around you to keep you company.It will always be roaming outside, in search of a partner to aid in easing the urge to copulate.

If you would like to understand the cat mating process, then this is the right place for you. Let us enter the cat’s world together and get to understand our cats in a more detailed manner.

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How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?

This is a very simple question that might arise in the minds of a majority of cat owners. So, if you’ve a furry mate in your home that dotes on you, it is quite natural for you to become anxious whenever she shies away from taking food or water. Now, there could be several reasons as to why your pet cat doesn’t have any appetite for food.

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How Long Do Cats Stay In Heat? (The Facts You Need To Know)

Most veterinarians recommend that you spay (remove the ovaries and uterus) your female cat as young as possible, some veterinarians will even perform the spay surgery at 6 weeks of age. This will prevent estrus (the heat cycle), unwanted pregnancies, and even some reproductive cancers like mammary and uterine cancer. Spaying your cat at an early age will also prevent spraying, or territory marking with urine, which can happen in male and female cats.

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