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Is Cat Vomiting Clear Liquid Sick?

If it happened to be your first time to see your cat vomits, you might panic and bring him to a vet right away. Some may spit out colored liquid and others may throw up food that they have eaten recently. Your main concern and probably what you have in mind is what makes your cat vomit. This post will answer your question, is cat vomiting clear liquid sick.

Reasons Why Cat is Vomiting Clear Liquid


One of the reasons why cat vomits is because he is sick. The clear liquid that your cat vomits contains stomach juice with food bits, yellow bile, hairballs, parasites, blood or clear liquid. If your cat throws up a clear liquid, the causes may include the need to spit out a hairball, poisoning, thyroid problems, and ingestion of a foreign object or cancer.

If your cat continues to vomit for several days, you need to consult a vet to prevent severe dehydration. Most of the time cats vomit clear liquid before it coughs out hairballs. This white liquid is actually gastric juice.

Your pet cat will also make various sounds, as if he is running out of breath, in trying to throw up the hairballs. If in case your cat vomits clear liquid without throwing out a hairball soon after that, you should visit the veterinary right away.


Thyroid Problems

If your cat is having some problems in his thyroid one of its symptoms is vomiting clear liquid. The condition of the thyroid known as hyperthyroidism in a cat is not easy to detect. It is a disease caused by the excess production of the thyroid hormone.

Aside from vomiting clear liquid, the cat may also exhibit other symptoms like greasy hair, acne, and oily skin in the facial area or over production of saliva. Anti-thyroid medication along with a special diet will help manage your cat’s thyroid problems.



This condition is common in older cats and it can be located in various parts of the body or may affect the bones or skin. If the cancer is found in the cat’s stomach, it may vomit clear liquid which is gastric juice, particularly if the cat has not eaten for quite some time.

Some of the symptoms of having cancer may include blood in the vomit, weight loss, and lack of appetite or diarrhea. The tumor may be also found to the vomiting center of the brain, this can cause the cat to vomit. Through scans, the vet can determine if your cat has a brain tumor.



Your cat can be affected by parasites in various ways. It could be just a simple irritation and sometimes it can cause your cat life-threatening illnesses if you ignore it. These parasites can transmit and carry diseases to people.

Vomiting clear liquid is one of the symptoms as well as lost in appetite, changes in behavior and reduced water consumption. If you see these signs to your cat, you need to visit your vet at once.

If found infected with these parasites, your vet will prescribe a year-round heartworm and broad-spectrum parasite medications, and flea and tick products.


Ingestion Of A Foreign Object

Another reason why your cat is throwing up clear liquid is that he has swallowed a foreign object that he cannot digest. To deal with this problem, the object should be taken out of his stomach since it may cause an intestinal blocking or injury to your cat’s stomach or intestines.

Old cats have very sensitive stomach systems. Chronic vomiting is so common in adult and older cats. You should still always be sure your cat receives a nutritionally complete meal. These specially made cat foods for older cats will have the correct balance of nutrients required for senior cats’ lifestyles and help them stay healthy for longer.

How to Treat Cat’s Vomiting

If your cat’s vomiting is due to a stomach problem, your doctor will give the proper treatment. Some medication may be given to improve gastric motility, to overcome the delay in emptying of the stomach, prevent reflux, and increase stomach and gut motility.

A drug that will reduce acid secretion in the stomach is also given. This will prevent damages to the stomach wall because of the increased acidic contents of the bile.


To improve your cat’s stomach motility, you should prevent getting his stomach empty for long periods of time. Diets low in fiber and fat can help your pet’s stomach empty and reduce gastric retention of food. Your vet may suggest liquefied or canned diets, which can be helpful to your cat because solid food may remain longer in the stomach.

Some cats may respond easily to treatment, but others need longer medication. For cats suffering from chronic bilious vomiting, the treatment includes dietary management like feeding small, frequent meals particularly late at night.

Treatment will be based on the underlying cause of vomiting, some of the possible treatment your vet might suggest include:

  • Antibiotics, to treat bacterial ulcers
  • Corticosteroids to treat inflammatory bowel disease
  • Dietary changes
  • Medication to control the vomiting
  • Special medications for treating chemotherapy-induced vomiting
  • Surgery, in the case of tumor-caused vomiting or foreign body

When is the Right Time to Call a Vet?

If you see your cat throws up clear liquid and you have given him the remedies that you know but he continues to vomit, maybe it’s the time to visit the vet. Here are some facts to help you decide whether it is time for you to call a vet.

  • Observe your cat’s appetite. If you think he has lost his appetite, it means that there is something wrong with him. It could be maybe due to a serious condition called fatty liver.
  • Observe how frequent your cat vomits. If he is vomiting a couple of times a day, there is no need to panic. Bring him to the vet if he vomits several times an hour.
  • Monitor his water consumption. If you observe your cat is very thirsty after vomiting, it could be a sign that he has kidney toxicity.
  • Check his urination habits. This is very important if you have a male cat that is vomiting and experiencing problems when urinating. It could be due to a urinary tract blockage.
  • Also, if your cat is acting strange and not his usual behavior, it is best that you take him to a veterinarian.

So, the answer to the question is cat vomiting clear liquid sick, the answer is not all the time. As mentioned above, you need to observe first any changes that you notice to your cat. You should correlate other symptoms that might be present and not only vomiting. If this is the case, then you really need to bring your cat to a vet. So, the next time you see your cat vomits clear liquid do not panic.

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