What To If You Are a Cat Person and You Met a Dog Person

Did you met someone you like, but found out he or she has a dog? You’re probably already thinking about how things are going to work, considering that you have a cat at home. It may indeed be rather early to jump to any conclusions. Still, you may want to know if there’s any change for your cat, or cats, to be living under the same roof with a dog. After all, you have a pet and you know just how hard it is to leave your pet behind. You certainly don’t even want to consider it.

So, if you like this person and you think that the relationship between the two of you has good chances of turning into a long term one, you need to find a viable solution. It is well known the fact that cats are territorial and will rarely accept a dog in their home. In case you do make the step and move in together with your date, eventually, you have to be ready for a long and challenging accommodation process. Thus, is best to have your plan ready on time, just in case.

 I know what you’re thinking. Your cat will never accept a dog around. Some felines don’t even appreciate when other humans enter their territory, let alone a dog that will invade every corner of the house and chase them around. Still, you have to stay positive and know that this is not mission impossible. You can get a cat accustomed to a dog and the other way around. Although, it is indeed easier to get a dog used to a cat, then a cat used to a dog. Here is what you should have in mind, to make things easier for everybody involved.

1. Don’t think it’s not possible

Unfortunately, there’s a general idea roaming around the world saying that cats and dogs don’t do well together. In real life, these two can get along very well. Yes, they are different in terms of behavior and lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have both in your home, even if they didn’t grow up together. If you want to make this work, you need to stay positive and create a positive environment in your home. Pets are extremely sensitive to our state of minds and will react accordingly. So, if you want for each of them to feel good, you need to offer a nurturing, loving, and positive space and attitude.

2. The personality of the pets matter the most

It’s not the breed that dictates whether a cat and dog can get along better, but whether their personalities are compatible. If the cat is shy and elusive, for example, it will be more difficult to get it used to an exuberant and excited dog. The process is much easier and pleasant if the personality of the cat matches that of the dog. If this is not the case, you will need a plan B to make things work, and a lot of patience. As an example, you will need to teach the dog to be calm and behave inside the house, so that the cat won’t be bothered.

3. The dog should be trained and well-behaved

Dogs are easier to train than cats. So, ideally, the dog should be trained and obedient. It should know how to stay put when requested and control its impulses, especially at the sight of a cat. It’s easier to get a cat accustomed with the presence of a dog if the cat doesn’t get startled or scared right from the start. Of course, it is recommended to have the dog on the leash for the first face-to-face meetings with the cat, so that you can control it if required.

4. Give the cat time and space

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that you can’t rush a cat into anything. Cats have their ways and rhythms at doing things. Forcing them into something will only do worse, so allow your cat to set the pace. For this, give your cat space that is only available to it. Somewhere it can retreat and enjoy some peace of mind, ideally somewhere where the dog can’t reach or find it.

The cat should also have safe paths around the house, which can be used to get from one area to another in a safe manner. Because cats can jump and climb with ease, you can use the vertical space of your home, which is unexplored space to the rest. Cats feel safe when sitting somewhere higher, so you can use this in the cat’s favor. This way it is easier to keep the two apart without setting rigid barriers or keeping them secluded.

5. Plan the first meeting well

You know the first impression counts, so the same happens in the case of a cat and dog meeting. Plan everything well if you want to make sure all goes well. Have the dog well exercised and on a leash. Make sure it can obey basic commands, such as sit and stay. Give the two the chance to smell each other in a calm, friendly, and loving environment. Stay calm and positive at all times and don’t push them into anything. Bear in mind that both cats and dogs love food, so you can use delicious treats to make the experience pleasant for them.

What you need to know is that cats and dogs can get along with ease, when the right approach and method is employed. Even if both are mature and grew up separately, you can get them used to one another with love and patience. Of course, it is easier when one is young. If you want a puppy into the family and you already have a cat, the puppy will learn how to behave around a cat. When looking for a puppy, https://premierpups.com is the best place to start. The Premier Pups team will give you all the care and support you need for welcoming the chosen pup into your family. You will receive precious pieces of advice, together with professional services throughout the entire process.

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