Can Cats Eat Popcorn? Get Ready For The Surprise Of Your Life

Human’s love eating popcorns since they offer us with some nutritional benefits and keep us occupied. The popcorns may also just be suitable for your cat. If you have been very keen, you may have noticed that our cats can eat almost everything we eat. Cats can eat nearly 80% of what humans eat.

Just like humans, our cats too can enjoy taking popcorn. Therefore, there is no harm in adding popcorn to your cat’s diet to rev up your feline friend’s diet. But is it safe to feed our cats on popcorn? Can cats eat popcorn? Let’s find out.



Shedding Some Light On Whether Cats Can Eat Popcorn

Yes, cats can eat popcorn. There is a condition that comes with this fact. The fact is that only a small amount of popcorn is allowed for consumption by your kitty, but it should only consume the popcorn’s fluffy part.

Basically, small amounts of popcorn, once in a very long time are acceptable. So, you do not have to feel guilty by not sharing your snack with your cat.

Reasons Why You Should Take Precaution

Even if small amounts of popcorn are allowed, you still need to take some precautions to prevent your kitty from developing complications. Considering the fact that the digestive system of cats is very sensitive, changing their diet even slightly could be disastrous.

  • Changing the cat food from one brand to another is bound to lead to bigger problems. Feeding your cat on human food is not very safe either. If you give a little amount of popcorn to your kitty, no adverse effect is likely to befall it.
  • The digestive system of cats is not modified to digest carbohydrates. Corn, which is a major component of the popcorn, is a carbohydrate. The digestive system of cats has no modifications for digesting carbohydrates. This is because they biologically do not need the energy giving foods in their bodies. Their digestive system produces no enzyme amylase, which is an enzyme in the saliva responsible for digesting carbohydrates.
  • Basically, a very minimal amount of a cat’s diet is from carbohydrates. Cats acquire carbohydrates from the grain already ingested by their preys. This makes having your kitty to overeat popcorns rather dangerous. This is because the excess popcorns will alter its digestive system negatively. Now that the carbohydrates cannot be digested, there is a probability that they will ferment in the cat’s stomach. This will cause flatulence or abdominal pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Popcorn To Your Kitty?

Popcorn has some fiber content which is suitable for your cat’s digestive system

Popcorn is considered healthy, as it has a low quantity of calories and fat

It can be served while fresh and without salt, now that salt, which has a high sodium content is not suitable for consumption by cats

Harmful Popcorn Ingredients To Your Feline Friend

  • There are some ingredients in popcorn that are not suitable for consumption by your kitty. Popcorn has too much salt, which is not by any chance good for your cat. Salt has sodium as one of its components.
  • High sodium level in your cat’s diet can cause blood-related issues and heart problems. One of the common health problems is Hypernatremia, which is a condition resulting from the availability of excess sodium in the blood stream.
  • Sodium is important in many functions of the cat’s body. Some of these roles are such as blood pressure regulation, creating a balance of the acid and base in the body and blood volume regulation.
  • An anomaly in the sodium levels will surely alter the health of your feline. Sodium levels in this case may increase due to consumption of too much popcorn. The end results of the increased sodium levels could be either high blood pressure or worse, heart failure.
  • There are popcorns which have sugary coats. If you feed your kitty on these, they will cause a very high amount of sugar to be present in your cat’s body. This anomaly will cause health problems such as diabetes and obesity.



Giving your kitty just a little amount of popcorn is justified. It keeps you from feeling selfish and guilty and at the same time, prevents your kitty from developing complications in its health. That makes it a win-win situation.

Considering the fact that popcorn has no health benefit to your cat, it is better to prevent your feline friend from having any of it. If you feel that your kitty has to have some of it, go ahead and give it some air popped corn which has no additives such as sweet toppings, sugar and salt.

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