Can Cats Eat Chocolate

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? Essential Facts You Need to Know

Every dog owner knows that chocolate should not be given to their pets. A small amount of chocolate could cause minor digestive upsets to your dog. If your canine pet eats a lot of chocolate or any cocoa-based products it could be fatal. If it is not safe for your dog, can cats eat chocolate?

Cats owner should understand that chocolate is also toxic to cats, and they should not be allowed to eat it. However, if you want your feline pet to taste it, a small amount would not pose danger to their health.

You might be wondering how much chocolate is harmful to cats. Let this article help you with your concern and save your cats from danger.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate


Cats Are Nosy And Playful

Cats love to sniff and taste whatever you are eating, particularly if they are spoiled and they know that you cannot say no to them. But, cats have specific nutritional needs, particularly the indoor cats.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

Just like humans, they need a well-balanced diet that contains organic meat and meat by-products, veggies, healthy fats, vitamins, proteins, and important amino acids. Unfortunately, chocolate is not included in their diet.

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and it is rich in fiber, iron, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium and other essential nutrients. It has lots of health benefits to humans that affects the nervous system, blood circulation, skin tissue and blood pressure. As you can see it does not contain anything that will benefit your cat. 

Why Is Chocolate Bad For Your Cats?

Chocolate contains a compound known as theobromine which has direct effects on cats:

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     It affects your cat’s nervous system
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    It is a stimulant that increases the heart rate of your feline pet. 
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    It has a diuretic property that increases the release of your cat’s body fluids
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    It upsets your cat’s stomach
Can Cats Eat Chocolate

The theobromine content of different chocolates may vary. The higher the level of cacao in the chocolate the higher the percentage of theobromine. A 28g milk chocolate contains 60 mg of theobromine while 28g black chocolate contains 450mg of theobromine.

A 2.8g of dark chocolate is enough to poison your cat. It means that it contains around 45-50 mg of theobromine in every pound of body weight. (

What To Do When Your Cat Eats Chocolate?

If you notice your cat has eaten chocolate, observe and keep an eye on them if it shows the signs and symptoms mentioned above. If you let your cat play outside, keep them inside for 24 hours so you be able to see right away in case it shows one of the symptoms of toxicity.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

If you have the knowledge on how to induce vomiting in your cat, you can do so especially if it is only a few hours ago when he had taken the chocolate. Encouraging your feline pet to vomit can prevent the chemicals and ingredients from being absorbed and digested in your cat’s system.

Call your vet right away and take your cat so a thorough evaluation can be conducted. It will spare your pet from suffering from chocolate toxicity or from worsening the problems. Giving your cat lots of fresh water can help prevent poisoning. A change in his diet may be required while under treatment so as not to worsen his condition.

How To Treat Chocolate Poisoning In Your Cat?

Generally, your vet will control the clinical signs of poisoning. Your vet may induce vomiting in the cat if the ingestion of chocolate has been within 2 hours. Activated charcoal may be administered to prevent any further poisoning. Other measures like artificial ventilation, cardiac monitoring, and medications to control tremors and seizures may be done.

How To Prevent Chocolate Toxicity?

If you want to give your cat tasty treats and to spoil it, you can opt for high-quality cat food and kitty treats. Never make it a habit to share whatever food you eat with your furry pet. Some foods may be healthy for you but not for your cat.

If you really want to give your furry pet something sweet, you can look for products that mimic the sweet taste of chocolate. Every member of your family should be informed and they should know the risks of chocolate when it comes to cats. If you have kids at home, they should also know the consequences if the cat eats chocolate. These sweet treats are also not good for your cat’s teeth.

So, Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

can cat eat chocolate

It’s a big NO. Never compromise the health of your furry pet. Although a small amount of chocolate will not harm your cat, if you will give him once or thrice in a day the toxic ingredient may accumulate in his system and might cause harm to his health.

It is better safe than sorry. Instead of giving your pet chocolate, feed him something nutritious. A good quality cat food can provide all the nutrition that your furry friend needs.

If your cat accidentally ingested some chocolates, do not panic. Recall what you have read in this post and apply it accordingly, it could save your cat’s life. If you find this post helpful to you, feel free to share this with others or you can leave your comment below. 

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