Can Cats Eat Bacon

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

You could be having a bacon meal, and as you are seriously munching it, your feline friend approaches you and stares at you with large yellow eyes right under the table. For the disciplined ones, they will just stare at you and give you that look, full of pity.


The aggressive ones will seek to get their share of bacon. I am sure at this time you will find yourself in a dilemma of whether to enjoy the delicacy by yourself or to be kind enough to share it with your furbaby because you barely know if it is right for your cat to eat bacon or not. If you have been between a rock and a hard wall regarding this issue, count yourself lucky because I am just about to make everything crystal clear regarding this issue.

Cat Eats Bacon

So, Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Cats can eat bacon, it just does not have to be frequent, and it has to be in very small amounts. Just like we human beings would not want to eat some bacon daily, it would not be right for you to feed your kitty on bacon every day. Bacon is only suitable to be eaten to signify a celebration or a treat or to acknowledge a good deed or an improvement.

It is enjoyable and safe for your cat. You can also use it to ease the process of administering medication down your kitty’s throat. All you need to do is ensuring that the pork has been adequately cooked because bacon that has not been cooked properly is likely to carry parasites.

Just as taking too much bacon is unhealthy for us human beings, it is not healthy for cats too. It has a lot of fats that can easily clog the blood vessels of cats. The sodium levels in bacon are quite high, making bacon to be a health hazard to your furbaby. We consider a slice of bacon to be just okay for your feline friend to consume.

Nutritional Information on Bacon

Bacon is a more appealing treat for cats because they are obligate carnivores biologically. Their bodies have been modified to meet all their nutritional requirements by feeding on meat. Due to a long history of feeding on their prey, bodies of cats barely produce most of the chemicals which are necessary to digest carbohydrates. The chemical responsible for digesting carbohydrates is known as amylase.

Cats Eat Bacon

Cat's inability to digest carbohydrates also clarifies why they can barely feel the tastes of sweet foods such as candy, cake or ice cream.

Bacon is meat which consists of fat and proteins. It has no carbohydrate constituent, and so there is no probability that it will cause your kitty stomach problems. It is actually better compared to any other dairy foods since most cats are not tolerance to lactose.

With all those pleasantries, bacon it is still not suitable for your kitty. It has a protein content of approximately 3g in each slice. The reason why it may not be suitable is that it has high salt content and unhealthy fats which are not appropriate for your cat’s growth. The oil used to fry the bacon contributes to the harmful fat which is a health hazard to your kitty. Too much fat puts your feline friend at the risk of getting obese and getting overweight.

Factors to Consider as You Feed Your Kitty on Bacon

Bacon has a high concentration of fat. Lots of fat in bacon puts your kitty at the risk of suffering from digestive distress and worse, a short life span. Obese and overweight cats experience reduced athleticism and low energy levels.

This reduces their ability to engage in the activities they need to engage in as a way of maintaining their happiness and good health such as climbing, jumping and running. Obese cats are prone to dangerous diseases such as cancer and diabetes and heart diseases. These diseases cut down your cat’s nine lives.

Bacon has a high concentration of fat. Lots of fat in bacon puts your kitty at the risk of suffering from digestive distress and worse, a short life span. Obese and overweight cats experience reduced athleticism and low energy levels.

Bacon is cured, which makes it have a high concentration of sodium and thus has a high salt content which kitties cannot handle. A small size of already cooked bacon has approximately 137.4 milligrams of sodium. This is ten times more than the sodium intake which we consider ideal for consumption by cats.

The sodium content that cats can comfortably consume is 42 milligrams in a day. Any amount of sodium higher than that would cause your cat to show signs of salt poisoning which is a fatal condition. Lots of bacon which has a lot of salt causes high blood pressure to your feline friend, putting them at a risk of suffering from stroke and heart attack.

The short time effects of salt poisoning are such as diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, lethargy and extreme thirst. It could lead to death in severe cases. If you discover that your feline friend has taken too much salt, ensure that you bring them to your vet with immediate effect.

Can Kitties Eat Raw Bacon?

Raw bacon is appropriate for your cat only if it has not been cured. Feeding your cat on raw meat could be dangerous. You need to take precaution by feeding your cat on fresh meat and ensure that all the equipment you use when handling the meat such as the cutting board, the knife and your kitty’s feeding bowl is clean.

To be cautious enough, consult a veterinarian before you feed your feline friend on raw bacon as well as any other raw meat.

Final Thought

Your feline friend is a carnivore which appreciates meat products. A small piece of bacon once in a while is not harmful to your cat, probably for appreciation for a good deed or as a treat, every once in a while. Feeding your kitty on preserved meat is not appropriate as salt is used in preserving bacon.

Kitties are small animals, and so the large quantities of salt cannot be tolerated by their bodies. A small piece of bacon could offer your feline friend too much salt than what is necessary for a day. So indeed you cats can eat bacon but in a very controlled and regulated manner.

In case you still have any issues or doubts about cats eating bacon, please feel free to ask us and we shall answer you straight away. If there is any information that you thought I should have included but I didn’t, please let me know in the comments section below. Please share this article will all your cat owner friends so that they can also acquire the information.

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