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What Are The Best Cat Water Fountains? Reviews and Ratings!

To encourage your cat to stay hydrated, you can purchase a cat fountain. It is a way of ensuring that your kitty has unlimited access to water as most cats like drinking fresh running water. There are a variety of fountains available on the market, and so your only task is just to select one that suits the preferences of your kitty.


This is quite a challenging task to most cat owners. Fortunately, you are very lucky if you are reading this article because I have decided to make this task a walk in the park you. Just keep reading and get to know about the best cat fountains and the features you should look out for.

Reasons Why You Need A Cat Water Fountain

A cat water fountain is a necessity, rather than a luxury as some people may think. Water is a necessity to cats just like food is also a necessity, and just as you would want to give your kitty food that is of good quality, you should also ensure that your cat has clean and fresh water to drink, hence creating the necessity of a cat fountain.

Also, when you are away from home, a cat fountain ensures that your cat has access to high-quality water to drink thus enhancing its health. Some models have reservoirs large enough to supply enough water for a couple of days. This means that you can go for a short vacation with no worry of your fluffy friend getting dehydrated.

The cat fountains have an inbuilt system for filtering off any dirt that could be in the water. In the filtration process, the water goes through a filter made of charcoal. The filters ensure that all impurities which were in the water have been removed. Most fountains have been fitted with a small submersible tank. It circulates the water to a tank from a bowl.

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Features to Look Out for in Cat Water Fountains

The construction material (ceramic or stainless steel material)

Unlike cat water fountains made of plastic, those made of stainless steel or ceramic material are better because they barely get scratched. These scratches are dangerous because they harbor bacteria which will pose a health threat to your feline friend. For instance, feline acne is an illness caused by touching bacteria which hides in scratches of plastic water bowls or plastic feeding bowls.

Presence of a quiet pump

There are cats which are easily scared. If your feline friend has this trait, do it right by getting a quiet pump which will not frighten your kitty, discouraging it from drinking water from the fountain.


There are a variety of cat fountains in the market. Their prices are different as their costs are determined by factors such as the material used to make them, how they have been constructed and the capacity of water they hold. Ceramic cat fountains are more expensive because they are made of high-quality material which makes them durable.


There are cat fountains which are always running especially in homes with multiple pets. These fountains have a high possibility of wearing out. Due to the continuous operation, they are likely to be less durable. If you are planning for a water fountain for several cats, it would be better if you chose a fountain that will serve all your cats.

The fountain’s capacity

Always consider the capacity of the cat fountain because cats drink varying quantities of water. Also, if you have multiple kitties, you can as well purchase a cat fountain with a large capacity. There is also the need to consider the probability of the cat water fountain requiring to be often emptied to ensure that the water remains fresh.

Maintenance levels

Cat water fountains that are easy to maintain are important because washing them does not require so much time and energy. A preferable model is one that is dishwasher friendly.

Consider the design or construction of the cat water fountain

There are cats which are allergic to plastic. Some designs frequently restock water while others always produce fresh water. If your feline friend is allergic to plastics, you can get a metallic or ceramic fountain.

Top 5 Best Cat Water Fountains

1. Catit Flower Fountain

This cat water fountain is attractive to cats. It has a funny design with the flower which is at its top. From between the petals, the water flows. The water flowing from the petals of the fountain forms several streams from which multiple cats can sip from. This design does now allow water to remain stagnant in the bowl but rather the water flows continuously. The fountain’s flower can easily be removed causing the fountain to be converted into a bubbler fountain. It has replaceable filters which soften hard tap water. Some cats are usually unwilling to drink the hard water.

The fountain comes with a food dish which promotes foraging when meal time for your kitty comes.

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  • Has a dual-action filter for softening water and a small pump which is energy efficient
  • Its design is ergonomic
  • Its design is unique in that water does not stand in the bowl. The flowing of the water is constant
  • To occupy little space, the fountain has a 3L re-circulating system
  • The fountain allows 3 varying water flow settings which is suitable for picky drinkers. It also gives a provision for fresh water that is better tasting through maximum oxygenation


  • It has a playful design
  • Has filters which soften hard water
  • The water the cats consume is always fresh as it does not sit in the bowl
  • The water flow for the fountain is adjustable
  • Easy to clean


  • The pump is a little loud in its functioning

2. Fountain Drinking Automatic Dispenser Dishwasher

It has a drinking area of 360 degrees, this makes it suitable for households which have multiple kitties which stay indoors. It has 3 waterways and holds a significant amount of water, approximately 2.1 liters. Its ceramic material makes it dishwasher friendly, easy to hand wash and quite durable.

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  • This fountain is suitable for indoor house drinking for a household with multiple pets due to its large drinking area which is about 360 degrees, and cats can drink from it for approximately five to seven days
  • Has an automatic double layer and automatic filter. It keeps water moving continuously thus keeping it fresh, considering that it does not stand in the bowl.
  • This filter is super silent and consumes low power.
  • It has a large capacity to hold water, of about 2.1 liters and has 3 water drinking ways such that it can be used in a household with several cats.
  • To make it easy to clean, the fountain is made of ceramic which is quite durable and is dishwasher friendly


  • Made of ceramic and so it is suitable for all cats, even those that are allergic to plastic
  • Has a generous capacity of approximately 2.1 liters
  • Easy to clean as it is made of ceramic and is dishwasher friendly
  • The fountain is easy to refill
  • In its functioning, the system is quiet, and so it is suitable for all cats, including those which are easily frightened
  • The continuously running water encourages the cat to drink from it as they enjoy fresh and running water


  • There are no replacement filters in the market for the fountain

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

This system offers free-falling water fountain rather than water in a stagnant bowl. This is a way to encourage your feline friends to drink water to avoid getting dehydrated and also to support their urinary tracts and kidneys. It holds a good amount of water, say a gallon and aerates and filters the water to get rid of any impurities which could be in the water.

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  • Holds water of a capacity of 1.3 gallons
  • Has a free-falling stream of water which encourages the kitties to drink water regularly
  • It gives you the ability to control the rate of the fountain’s water flow
  • Has a rubber foot which prevents the fountain from sliding off on sleek floors
  • The fountain is dishwasher friendly, and you can easily disassemble it for easier cleaning
  • Fitted with carbon filters which remove bad odors and taste from the water and to catch any debris the fountain has a plastic pre-filter


  • Has a pre-filter which filters off any large particles before they reach to the motor
  • For easy plug removal, the fountain has an inline disconnect and a cord tuck. Its voltage is 12V
  • To reduce the splash which is likely to cause noise, the fountain has a spout and a receiving ramp
  • Has a patented free fall and adjustable water flow system which entices your cat to drink water, reducing the chances of getting dehydrated
  • This fountain is appropriate for a homestead with several cats as it has a capacity of 168 oz which is equivalent to 1.3 gallons. The cats should be of a weight of less than 60 pounds


  • The fountain does not store the water in a good condition as it gets slimy with time, making it not suitable for consumption by cats

4. Catit Design Fountain Softening Cartridge

This is a water softening fountain as it is fitted with a cartridge, which performs that particular purpose. It is popular among many people as it is a reliable product. It makes the water to taste better as it maximizes oxygenation and aeration of the water.

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  • Has a filter that lasts longer and does not require to be frequently changed
  • Has a dual-action filter which cleans the water making it healthier for consumption.
  • It has active carbon whose purpose is to absorb impurities such as food, hair, sediments and debris which could be in the water.
  • The fountain has a water softening filter
  • Has ion exchange resins whose purpose is to soften hard water. This is possible by eliminating calcium and magnesium


  • Its filtering facilities are of quality as they trap the hairs and other sediments
  • Removes calcium and magnesium from the water thus softening it
  • The filters are durable, and so they will last for long. You will not have to replace them rampantly
  • Easy to clean


  • The fountain is electric powered, and so if there is power failure it ceases to function, and so the cats will have no water
  • Quite expensive

5. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

This cat drinking fountain makes sure that your kitty does not get dehydrated as the water is usually continuously flowing. Cats do love flowing water. Its stainless-steel nature makes it quite easy to clean, and its appearance is quite attractive. To purify the water the fountain possesses filters which you purchase separately and not with the fountain. They require replacement after 30 days of service.

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  • The fountain has circulating drinking water which is quite appealing to your cat
  • It has a charcoal filter which can be easily replaced to ensure that the water for your kitty is pure, healthy and clean
  • Its stainless-steel material makes it durable and easy to clean
  • It is dishwasher friendly, which is more effective compared to a hand wash
  • To reduce the noise and ensure smooth flow of water the fountain should have the spout set at the center


  • Its stainless-steel nature makes it easy to wash and also dishwasher friendly and protects your kitty from bacterial infections
  • The water flows continuously, and this enhances the cleanliness of the water bowl as no water stagnates
  • To clean the water and ensure that it is safe for consumption, the charcoal is replaceable
  • Has a large capacity which saves on time for re-filling
  • The water is always circulating which is appealing to your feline friend


  • The wires in the system have not been insulated properly because with time the wire insulation breaks and exposes the naked wires
  • The fountain barely cleans the saliva from the water fast enough

Wrap Up

Now that you have grasped some ideas on how to choose the best cat water fountain, I believe that you can make an informed decision when buying one. These products are a necessity for the cats and should not be taken from granted at all.

From our review, the Super Silent Ceramic Pet Fountain is our best cat water fountain. Its features are quite appealing. For instance, it has three waterways which create a large area from where the cats can drink some water. It is made of ceramic material which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The ceramic material ensures that your kitty has fresh, clean and healthy water as it is easy to sterilize and clean. The manufacturer goes ahead to give you assurance by promising a money refund in case the cat water fountain is faulty. This is undisputedly the best cat water fountain.

I believe that you have really enjoyed reading this review article. In case there is anything that you might need me to address further, please inform me in the comments section below. Your comments are highly accepted. Please share out this review article with your friends who might need it.

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