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Best Cat Toys 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (Nov. 2018)

Cats are the most playful creatures I know of, and there is nothing as intriguing as watching them play or joining them in their game. They always run and pounce on anything that comes their way. At times you may not have a chance to play with your feline friend, and in this article I will give you the best solution to this problem.

You need to get your cats something different to keep them occupied. Try out some cats toys. You might wonder which toys are appropriate for your feline friend, but I have your backs covered. I have reviewed some of the best cat toys money can buy this year.

Cat Playing Toys

Tips For Selecting Your Cat's Toys

  • Safety

Ensure that the toy you purchase for your kitty has no parts that can be easily swallowed, sharp objects or strings. This is necessary for solo playtime toys. To avoid risky situations such as your cat getting tangled or chewing on the toy’s string, always put the toy away when it's not playing time.

  • Durability

For interactive toys, inspect them carefully to be sure that they are made securely with a string which is strong to enable them to withstand a good number of play sessions.

  • Size

Cats are prey animals even though they are predators as well. Do not get a toy that is too large in a way that it will seem like an opponent to your kitty. The play sessions can easily turn into a battle, and your cat can easily get injured.

  • Sound of the cat toy

Some cat toys are motorized and they produce some whiney sound that is likely to scare your cat. Cats have quite sensitive sense of hearing and so when they listen to a whiney sound rather than the expected ultrasonic and squeaky sounds which prey animals produce then they are likely to be frightened. Having a toy produce a sound that is a little squeaky could be a success.

As you buy a toy, always consider your cat’s personality.

  • Type of cat toy

There are toys which are appropriate for interactive playtime and others for solo playtime. Make sure you balance between the two. For solo playtime, there are toys which your kitty just nibbles on, stalks, pounces on or even carries. In the market, there are reward based toys too which will always be willing to reward your kitty for a good job done.

You can also buy a food dispensing toy which your kitty can play with and still provide a mini-meal. For this one, you will have to train your cat that after solving a puzzle, there is a tasty gift. In addition to that, puzzle toys are available. They will always reward your feline friend with a little toy after solving a “puzzle”, and who wouldn’t want a reward for work well done?

  • Movement of the cat toy

The most appealing toys for cats are those that resemble the movement of the cat’s prey. Cats will always want to pounce, chase, stalk and capture their prey. They always enjoy when they experience a chase from a toy that skitters across the floor.

If you decide to use the interactive toy, you need to mimic the prey’s movement by dragging it on the floor and flipping it in the air. The interactive toys get interesting according to how enticing you will make the moves.

  • The toy’s texture

Textures are a major factor to consider when getting a toy for your cat. Its preference would be one that is soft and fluffy because it is easy to bite or a smooth one which is easy to bat around. There are a variety of textures, shapes and styles for cat toys such as those covered with feathers, leather toys or one that is covered with fabric.

  • Toy testing

You may be unsure of the type of toy that your kitty would prefer. If this is the case, experiment by buying several kinds of toys with different traits and try them out. During playtime, do not offer all the toys at the same time. Take your time to learn whether buying a particular toy is a hit or a miss.

  • Homemade cat toys

You can choose to make cat toys using readily available objects in your homes such as fabric and socks. You just need to ensure that the homemade toys are not only durable but also safe for your feline friend.

Top 5 Best Toys For Cat

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The Bergan Turbo Scratcher has a great design which is ideal to offer your cat lots of play activities, exercises as well as mental stimulation. This cat toy is ideal for you if you live in a small apartment due to its compact nature. If the scratchpad gets worn out, you can simply install another one as it is simply replaceable.


  • Offers lots of exercise and fun to your kitty and reduces the probability of your cat having to scratch on your furniture
  • Comes with a catnip and ball
  • Has a durable and replaceable scratch pad
  • Measures 16” and has a diameter of 188.”
  • Offers mental stimulation to your cat through the long hours of play
  • Reduces any instances of furniture scratching
  • Made of plastic


  • Its design helps you and your feline friend to enjoy lots of interactive sessions
  • Provides long hours of fun for your kitty
  • Suitable for old cats
  • Quite irresistible especially with the catnip sprinkled on it
  • Offers a scratching surface that reduces the instances of your feline friend ruining your furniture with scratches
  • Watching your kitty playing with it is a thrilling experience


  • The glue used to stick the promotional stuff on the toy is too much such that it seeps into most of the holes which leaves it looking quite ugly.

This Tunnel Creaker gives your feline friend a safe place where it can hide from predators. It is also suitable for a cat that loves to have some alone time or if it desires to get away from too much attention. The tunnel offers your cat an appropriate place to play and relax all by itself.


  • Its design is suitable for your cat because they are generally very playful creatures which love moving their whole bodies
  • It is very spacious which makes it an appealing choice for your feline friend
  • Its design makes it quite portable as it is easily collapsible and foldable. You can take it with you as you travel and storing it is easy as it fits in a small space
  • It has open holes which provide more room for your kitty to jump up and down for so much time
  • It has a small dangling ball hanging from inside the end of one end of the tunnel. The dangling ball makes some sound


  • Offers privacy to your feline friend
  • Very spacious hence provides a lot of playing space for your kitty to play and jump
  • The material used in making the toy is durable
  • It produces a crinkly sound which your cat will enjoy


  • Its model is too small for big kitties to play and roll comfortably in it
  • It is made up of flimsy material, and so you will have to open it up often when your cat has to play in it

The Fashion Talk cat toy contains 20 assorted toys. The assorted toys give your feline friend a variety of toys to choose from which means that there is no probability that it will get bored. What’s more, the toys can easily be carried around by your cat as it plays around.


  • Has 20 assorted toys
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Made of high quality material
  • Affordable


  • The collection of 20 assorted toys creates a variety to choose from. You can also ration them by giving your kitty one toy once in a while
  • The toys are small enough for your feline friend to bite and carry around
  • There are a variety of toys from which your cat can find favorites unlike when you buy one toy which your cat most probably does not like


  • Some of the toys are of sub-standard quality which is quite a threat as your kitty can easily get hurt or be at a risk of choking from swallowing loose material
  • At times the package comes with some broken toys which makes it not worth the cost

This cat toy is suitable for cats that love laying under the sun. It guarantees you and your feline friend lots of fun hours, exercises to make sure its body remains in good shape and unleashes your feline’s hunter instincts.


  • Has 3 attachments which are interchangeable. They are necessary when you need to change the action
  • It is light, a factor which makes it portable
  • Durable and can support long hours of play
  • Has a very long string which is 33 inches long and it is extra strong as it is made of non-toxic, durable and indestructible carbon fiber to allow extra bounce which means more fun


  • Unleashes your kitty’s hunting instincts
  • Ensures that you and your cat have lots of fun filled hours
  • As your cat plays with this toy, it exercises its muscles
  • Comes with a money back guarantee of 100%
  • Has a durable and soft handle which offers you a comfortable grip to hold as you play with your feline friend


  • This toy depends on your presence. When you are away the toy cannot be useful to your cat
  • Not strong enough as some of them break during the first play session

This toy has five modules, and each has a game that stimulates your cat’s five senses. It has a globe from which your cat has to fish out a treat using its paw. To achieve this, it needs to rely solely on its sense of hearing and smell since cats can barely see objects which are moving at close range.

A peg helps the cat to view the treat from a distance and strategize on the best way to retrieve the treat. An alley offers your cat an option to lie down and scoop treats out using their paw, toes or their claws as they poke. The tongue is best for the retrieval of liquid treats as there is a slit which hinders cats from using the paws.

To finalize on the modules, there is a tunnel’s mouse hole which is ideal for poking and stalking at treats and toys which are stuck inside.


  • Has a globe which closely resembles a fish bowl from which cats are required to scoop out treats using their paws
  • Presence of a peg which enables your feline friend to retrieve treats and to strategize on their hunting skills
  • In the third module, there is an alley which allows your kitty to play while lying down. They use their claws or toes or paws, and they earn treats
  • Using their tongue, the cats retrieve liquid treats as there is a slit which prevents them from using the paws
  • In the fifth module of the game, the tunnel has a mouse hole in which treats and toys are hidden.


  • The company is concerned to know the view of their customers on the product and whether it is serving them right. This is just not a common trait of all manufacturers
  • The package is perfect and easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Its lures are detachable from the swivel lures which are secure but hard to open


  • It is rather weak as in some instances it breaks for the first time it is used during play time

Wrap Up

I believe that you have now acquired some of the essential skills that are needed when buying the best cat toy. Now you are in a good position to make an informed decision when planning to but a cat toy so as to get the value for your money and never regret buying a particular toy.

According to the review, I declare the Bergan Turbo Scratcher colors the best cat toy. It offers tons of fun to your feline friend. It keeps your cat company when you are away and at the same time keeps your furniture in good shape since there will be no scratching as it is fitted with a scratch pad which can easily be replaced if it gets worn out.

You also may want to consider some stylish cat clothes to pair with your cat while they have fun with their toys - check some out

To be sure of the best cat toy for your feline friend, try out several of them until you get the ultimate one. Do you know of a cat toy brand that should have appeared in our list but did not make it? Please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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