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Best Automatic Cat Litter Box 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (Nov. 2018)

If you own a cat as a pet, then you probably understand that your cat will at times litter your house in one way or another. Having to always clean up after your kitty littered your house is quite an unpleasant chore that I know almost every other cat owner has at the bottom of her or his to do list. There are days when you get too busy even to get time to simply clean up your cat’s poop unless it is a nuisance to you.


The presence of automatic litter boxes makes all this easier because you will not have to do the disgusting work and neither will you feel guilty for not scooping out waste from your kitty’s litter box. The only challenge that you are likely to face is picking out the best automatic cat litter box. Read on to understand our reviews on the best litter boxes you are likely to find in the market.


Factors To Consider As You Decide On The Best Litterbox

Before purchasing a litter box, we believe that you would want to put some factors into consideration so that you can ensure that you buy one which will help you save time and will also be convenient.

  • The size of the litter box: A suitable litter box would be one that offers your cat with enough space such that it can get a fresh spot. One that is cramped gets so unpleasant that your kitty will seek alternative soiling spots in your homestead.
  • The number of cats it is intended to serve: If you have several cats, acquiring a litter box for each one of them is an ideal idea. Some of them will seek another soiling place if they smell the scent of another cat in the litter box. That will most likely cause you trouble in your house.
  • Which is your cat’s preference? There are cats that do not like a change of their routine, and if it happens, it takes them so much time to adjust. In this situation, retaining the same type of litter box for your cat is preferable.
  • How much money do you intend to use on purchasing a litterbox? Acquiring a litter box that you can afford is ideal. Again, note that the most expensive one does not have to be the best and also, purchasing a cheap one is also likely to cost you.
  • Is there adequate space for placing your litterbox and if so, how much space is there? There are some litter boxes that require permanent and full installation and so they will require a permanent place, your house needs to be big to accommodate such. If there is no enough space, you can opt for the smaller models.

Among all these features, decide the ones that suit your pet and get a litter box that will have all those features.

A List Of The Best Automatic Litter Boxes

1. ScoopFree-Ultra-Self-Cleaning-Litter Box

This is the only litter box that has disposable litter trays. You can enjoy the liberty of not tending to it for about two weeks. The system has the ultimate odor control, and so you will no longer have to touch, smell or see your kitty’s messy waste. To absorb the urine, the system has Premium blue crystals which absorb the urine as soon as your cat exits.

With the ScoopFree-Ultra-Self-Cleaning-Litter Box, you can select the raking cycle from five, ten or twenty minutes after the cat exits from the system. Armed with $160, you can easily acquire this product.

Via Amazon

  • Self-cleaning
  • Controls odor
  • Dries solid waste and absorbs urine
  • Leak proof
  • Waste absorption
  • Suitable for small cats

  • Setting up of the system is quite a simple task
  • Has crystals which absorb all the odor
  • The litter box is self-cleaning, and so you can leave it for some time with no worries of your kitty seeking an alternative place to soil
  • Fitted with a long electrical cord which is 10 foot long
  • Its cleaning cycle is short, about one minute long
  • It has an adjustable delay cleaning cycle which ranges from 5, 10 to 20 minutes.
  • It is not suitable for many cats because you will have to dispose of the tray too many times, which makes it unreliable when left for many days
  • The system has no on and off switch which makes one to cycle the system or shut it down for maintenance manually
  • Quite expensive

2. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

This is a reliable automatic litter box which does all the scooping work for you. The litter box is always clean, and this will be good for you and your kitty. The cleaning process is simple. You only need to place the lid on top of the disposable tray then simply get rid of it.

Via Amazon

  • It has low-tracking crystals which are dust free
  • Has sensors
  • Absorbs moisture and dehydrates solid wastes.
  • Self-cleaning capability.
  • Controls odor
  • Disposable tray present

  • Assembling and setting up the system is easy
  • If the system is used in the right way it is very reliable
  • In its working, it is far much quieter compared to other litter boxes
  • It has crystals which reduce the odor by allowing the waste to dry out
  • Has a reset-cleaning cycle which is automatic. It works within 20 minutes after the cat has used the litter box
  • Presence of a timer which allows you to adjust the time for the start of the cleaning cycle
  • Maintaining the system is quite expensive. Purchasing the pre-filled trays makes the system expensive
  • Odor may leak since the tray compartment in which the waste is stored is not airtight
  • When the trays need to be emptied, they are usually quite heavy

3. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

This system is quite hygienic. It flushes the waste away as well as washing itself clean. You just have to touch a button, and the cleaning will automatically occur. With the CatGenie Self-Washing Flushing Cat Litter Box, you will barely see, smell or perceive the odor of cat poop.

Via Amazon

  • Automatic system.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to drain
  • Allows cats to dig and cover

  • Offers an automatic solution which will help you scoop and dispose of your kitty’s poop
  • Suitable for trips. This system’s features make it appropriate for use on trips because it automatically flushes waste and cleans itself
  • It has been constructed in a great way and is of good quality
  • Suitable for a household with not more than two cats
  • ​Its programmable and automatic flushing aids in retaining the cleanliness of the system and at the same time disinfects the area
  • The system is easy to set up
  • The cleaning cycles are quite loud
  • The system is prone to clogging after quite some time, although it does not always happen
  • If your kitty defecates soft poop, then this system will not offer you a perfect solution because it will remain on the device. The system will most likely pulverize the waste leading to some odor

4. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The system could be the ideal litter box you are seeking. It is not electric powered and barely breaks down. It keeps on rolling and gets all the work done for you. It is appropriate for big cats or households with many cats.

You only need to roll it to the right till the top gets to the floor; then roll is back to the right position. In the system, there is a patented screen which separates the clumped waste from the clear waste. With all the waste in a scoop, you will only pull it out and dispose of it.

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  • Easy to use
  • Attractive and unique in appearance
  • Offers privacy
  • Self-cleaning capability
  • Controls odors and dust
  • Does not require electricity or filters

  • Quite easy to use
  • Provides plenty of space for big cats
  • Appropriate for households with many cats
  • Cleaning the system is quite easy
  • Economical because it saves on litter
  • The plastic clamps which are meant to hold the top and bottom together open up easily due to their weak nature. This is likely to cause poop to spill all over
  • The plastic used to hold the shifter in place is quite weak and tears off within a short period of time, say three weeks

5. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Large

This is a roll away litter box which cleans in seconds and does not scoop. In the litter box, there is a unique grill that is patented and separates the clumped waste and deposits it into the pullout tray. The system is suitable for households with many felines or when your kitty is quite huge.

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  • Unique and attractive
  • Offers the kitty privacy
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • The system is used with a clumping cat litter

  • The system eliminates any probability of having to scoop stinky litter or to deal with broken plastic bags
  • Has a pull-out tray which makes disposing of-of the waste easy
  • Available in two sizes. You can get one for your huge feline friend or your tiny feline friend
  • Appropriate for busy people
  • Available at an affordable price
  • ​Minimizes on the amount of litter usage
  • The system provides privacy which your cat will most likely appreciate
  • For the system, the seam holding the bottom and top half sealed from leakage does not function as it is supposed to
  • Has very weak latches
  • If cleaning is not done often, it will produce some odor


We have now come to the end of our review. You are likely to get it right the next time you will be shopping for a cat litter box. From our review, we selected the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box as the most preferred choice. It is quite appealing because it functions just like a cat toilet. It flushes the poop or urine away, cleans and dries the litter box and makes it ready for use over and over again. It has a recyclable and biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge whose function is cleaning the system.

The SaniSolution is enough for approximately 120 washes. You can add sidewalls as an accessory to prevent litter from falling off. It is recommended for households where the owner wants a fully automatic litter box such that you will not scoop or dispose of any waste if your kitty defecates firm stool, it is also ideal for those who have enough space in their bathroom or laundry to install the system and if you have not more than two cats.

We have availed to you a variety of the best automatic cat litter boxes. We are sure making the decision on which one to purchase is now far much simpler. To get the one that fully suits your needs and those of your feline friends, try out several of them until you arrive at your best selection.

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