5 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Getting a Cat

Cats are lovely creatures that bring joy to millions of people around the world. Could you be one of them?

There are many compelling reasons why cats make the perfect pet, especially for people in small living spaces and hectic schedules. Keep reading to discover the top five reasons you need to get a cat.

Emotional Support

Owning a cat has been shown to reduce stress and make people happier and healthier. If you struggle with mental illness, then a cat may especially be of help to you.

According to www.esaregistration.org, if you live in an apartment or house that does not allow animals, then you may be able to get an emotional support animal registration. This certification will help you circumvent these rules for the betterment of your health.

If you think a cat would significantly improve your quality of life, then this route may be perfect for you.


Surely you have seen your fair share of funny cat videos on the internet. If you had a cat of your own, their amusing antics would entertain you for hours right before your eyes. Your days will instantly become much more interesting than they were before with a feline in the home.

Cats are excellent for bringing joy and fun to an existence that may otherwise be boring or lifeless.


With a cat, you will never have to feel alone. If you live alone, having a cat can help you to have some social interaction.

Cats are much better than roommates because they clean up after themselves, never argue, and spend the majority of their day sleeping. You will never have to worry about your cat making a big dinner and never doing any of its dishes afterward.


Compared to most other pets, cats require very little care. The biggest thing you will have to do other than feed them and give them water is clean and stock their litter box. Cats do not need to be walked or groomed, as they can take care of that themselves.

If you ever had to go out of town and leave your cat behind, it would be remarkably easy to have a friend or family member come over and take care of them.

Cats can also thrive in much smaller spaces than dogs can. Most cats would be more than happy in a small studio apartment, while only the smallest of dogs would do well in that environment. You would also have to take those dogs outside all the time for them to do well.


Dogs require significant levels of attention, while cats can be left alone for long periods with no problems. If you have a busy work schedule that requires you to be away from home most of the day, that would be no problem for a feline friend.

 If you opted for a dog instead, you would likely often come home after a long day to chewed up shoes or accidents around your house. Cats are a fantastic starter pet for when you do not have a lot of time or space yet.

Bottom Line

Cats have been keeping humans company for centuries. Even though they can be stubborn and aloof, they are also very caring and cuddly. Take the time to find a cat that meets your personality, and they can become a loyal companion for life.

If you have been thinking of getting a pet, these are five reasons why a cat should be at the top of your list. 
Sarah Keene

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