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Can Cats Eat Bacon?

You could be having a bacon meal, and as you are seriously munching it, your feline friend approaches you and stares at you with large yellow eyes right under the table. For the disciplined ones, they will just stare at you and give you that look, full of pity.

The Truth About Holding A Cat Properly

The fluffy nature of cats makes it pleasant to hold and caress them. However, they have fickle personalities and can be frightened easily when they are with strangers. Most cats prefer affection from the people they are used to because they can be sure that they are safe.

Find Out Why Your Cat Has A Runny Nose

Having a runny nose can cause you so much discomfort. You can imagine how uncomfortable we normally feel especially if you are at a public place and you have to use your handkerchief to blow your nose constantly. What about when your cat is suffering from a runny nose? It is quite a pitiable sight.

Can Cats Eat Bread? Here Are The Facts

A majority of human beings love bread, with a few exceptions of course. Bread has been defined to be one of the favorite foods for human beings. I know most of you often wonder if it is alright to share the delicacy with your kitty who probably stares at you with pitiful eyes as you munch your delicacy. Bid a goodbye to your wonder as I have stated some facts which will certainly assist you in determining whether cats can eat bread.